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Strange Creations

By Gerry Marsh

Every....body deserves a second chance

Year 2834. With each technological and genetic adaptation, humanity grows stranger.
Fine if you’re an odd ball like genetic technician Dimitri. Yet when the powerful and
secretive Family ally themselves with the Accord government, then all diversity is threatened.
As Dimitri is chased across the galaxy with his feathered creations, he stumbles across a secret
big enough to bring the Accord government and the Family’s religious coalition crashing down.
Will the dodos prove that they can survive this time round?

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Foraged from the heart of the City

Tales of Urban Encounters

By Gerry Marsh

Dead serious, strange and just plain farcical stories to feast upon.

 Dare to trespass into these short stories based on city dwellers lives. Set in cafes, streets, supermarkets and pubs; these tales drag the debris of messy lives out from their familiar urban locations. And ask why is Irene clinging to a drainpipe outside the hospital? Will David be trapped forever stirring the stick in his latte? And is your local boozer worse than Raoul’s Saturday night watering hole?

When your existence threatens to implode with the struggle of urban domesticity; the pointlessness of switching, swopping and up-grading – taste some feral freedom.  

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